Three Mental Barriers to Success

The battle for success or failure is right now being waged in your mind.

This is a battle like you have never seen or read about in your life before.

And the reason why I am saying this is because the enemy you are up against is you! And the tragedy is, up until now, you had no idea who or what you’ve been up against.

PogoPogo, a cartoon character from a long running  American comic created by cartoonist  Walt Kelly (1913–1973), was once reported to have said: we have met the enemy, and he is us!

But you are not supposed to be your own enemy.

When God created you, He wired in you a self-preservation spirit that is averse to pain and suffering. Therefore, by default, you are wired to avoid pain while at the same time embracing reward.

But most of the time we find ourselves embracing the very habits and patterns of thought that instead lead us towards our own demise and suffering.

Why do humans gravitate towards the very processes that sabotage their dreams and aspirations?

The answer is that we have erected in our minds mental barriers that sabotage the very goals we seek to achieve.

These barriers lurk in the dark recesses of our mind, only coming out to block our progress in life, butting up against our dreams and aspirations.

Ironically, the very barriers that block our progress become our greatest allies when we are hurtling towards destruction and despair.

They urge us to keep going downhill until we finally hit bottom. And there in the valley of broken dreams and smashed aspirations, they leave us to die.

The I can’t barrier

I have in a previous post addressed this barrier. This is the most paralyzing barrier as it dis-empowers you before you even get off the blocks of your success journey.

In short, it stops you in your tracks; in fact most people don’t get on to the track at all. They give up even before they begin the journey.

The graveyard is awash with these kind of people; those who died with their potential still unwrapped.

The I don’t have barrier

This barrier is an extension of the ‘I can’t’ barrier. It seeks to provide an excuse for the I can’t barrier. Statements such us ‘I can’t because I don’t have’ tend to provide a ‘legal’ ground for our inaction. It justifies why we have not taken the actions required to move us towards our success.

The I don’t have barrier looks at our current predisposition and finally concludes that we are incapable of moving towards our dreams. We therefore not only give up, but we go further and massage our ego by providing a justification for our inaction.

The thoughts barrier

I have said before that we are what we think. Our thoughts have the uncanny habit of controlling our habits (pun intended), and consequently our actions and behavior.

Whatever you see around you, the skyscrapers, the big companies, happy families, etc. is a byproduct of thoughts. Nothing manifests on the outside before manifesting itself in our thoughts.

And the beauty is, with practice and self-will, we can control our thoughts and consequently our destinies.

To overcome these barriers, you need to stop feeding your mind with words and thoughts that negate the attainment of your goals in life.

Once your words and thoughts align with your desires, the universe will conspire to bring you the resources you need to succeed.

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