Love and order: the basic connectors of life

All of life is about connections. We are all connected.

Think of yourself as a link in the entire universe. You are connected to the universe in ways that you may never understand.

The moment you understand that everything and everyone in the universe is connected to you, you will start harnessing the immense energy and leverage that is yours to tap into just by virtue of being alive today.

We are connected to family and friends. We are connected to our environment. We are connected to people we do business with and with colleagues at work.

We are connected to nature and the environment around us. Any disturbance or destabilization of our connectedness to everyone and everything around us always result in pain and suffering.

We cannot mistreat the universe and expect the same universe to deal kindly with us.

Likewise, we cannot mistreat others and expect to live on without repercussions.

Mankind’s desire across the ages has been one: to be connected.

In the mother’s womb, a baby is connected to the mother’s love via the umbilical cord. And after the baby is born, they immediately embark on a journey whose sole purpose is to establish both temporary and lifelong connections.

But connected to whom or to what?

Some would say that we are all connected to the universe. And they would be right.

But our connectedness does not end with the universe. It goes beyond the universe and is firmly anchored in the creator of the universe: God!

All of mankind is connected to God. And yes, the universe, to which we are all connected, is connected to the one who created it.

But how are we connected both to God, to the universe and to each other? What thread connects us to God?

The answer to this question can be found in John 3:16. Herein we find the power behind God’s motivation to send Jesus to redeem mankind. And the power was, and still is, love!

Love turns the world around

Love is the main thread that connects us to the universe and ultimately to God.

Every other thread in mankind’s connectedness to the universe and to God can be traced to love.

Love is the fulcrum around which the entire world revolves. It’s no wonder then that many agree that love moves the world.

People thrive or fall for one simple reason: love, or lack thereof.

It does not matter what in the world you are pursuing. Success or failure in any field of life in its many shades ultimately depends on how much of the love deposit is operating in your life.

With love acting as the main thread connecting us to the universe and to the Almighty, every other thread is connected to love.

Order balances the world

Among these threads is order.

By definition, order is “the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method”.

In other words, the arrangement of the universe, how people and things relate with each other produce a pattern or a sequence of events and methods that ultimately whip the entire universe into perfect balance and harmony.

The balance of life and everything in the universe is maintained through orderliness.

Pause for a moment and ponder over the following scenarios:

  1. The chirping birds in their multicolored cloaks.
  2. The drops of rain cascading down and forming rivulets and streams
  3. The Titanic smoothly sailing on the Atlantic until something goes out of order
  4. The world’s biggest plane effortless floating at thousands of feet above ground.
  5. The ecosystem and the inhabitants therein perpetuating life
  6. Human beings demarcating territories and instituting law and order

The examples of how the universe is perfectly ordered abound everywhere; if you just stop to look. For instance, everything that captures our attention and admiration has a unique pattern that makes them beautiful. Just look around you and start appreciating the patterns and the arrangements of everything around you.

Everything in life has been arranged and patterned to ensure perpetuation of the universe’s perfect balance. If this reality is not evident to you, either you are living in a terribly disordered part of the world or you are rushing through life at breakneck speed; in which case you need to slow down and smell the coffee.

The earth before creation

Before God created the earth, the same was void and formless.

A life that is void and formless, lacking order is a chaotic existence.

When things are out of order

Have you noticed that the most developed nations in the world are also some of the most orderly?

What about successful people? At the heart of their success is an orderliness that most average people lack.

Without order, the balance of our lives is disturbed. The result when this happens is chaos in every sphere of our lives.

When our relationships are not in order, families break up; children are hurt, and trust among friends is shattered.

When your finances are not in order, the auctioneers kick in; foreclosures reign supreme while bankers persistently breathe down on you.

Absence of order has brought governments to their knees as corruption and all manner of vices strangle the ability of governments to function for, and on behalf of, citizens.

I put it to you that although love is the thread that connects us to the universe and to God, order on the other hand is responsible for creating a conducive environment in which love can thrive.

And when love and orderliness reign, success in every sphere of life is certain. Where these are lacking, chaos and disorder becomes the order of the day.

Take time to order your life knowing that you are part of a tightly connected universe which continues to exist through balance, order and harmony.

Should you come across anything or anyone that is out of order, do your part in helping to put them back in order.

Before you act or react, always consider whether your words or actions will perpetuate the balance or harmony of life; or whether they will cause chaos and disorder.

As you do this, your life will be impacted in ways that is beyond comprehension.

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