KNOWLEDGE: The ONE ingredient you need to succeed online

Success is all about knowledge.

Although this statement may sound like a no-brainer to you, the fact is that knowledge is at the heart of everything we do.

And you would think that this is common knowledge. Newsflash! It should be, but it is not!

You see, even the Bible is clear in Hosea 4: 6 that lack of knowledge is destructive. This is because for you to do anything, you have to know how. In other words, you must have the knowledge to do it.

Remember that success is not wished. It’s accomplished (or done). To have success in any area of life, you need to undergo training; whether through institutions or personal initiative.

One of the biggest paradox today is that despite living in an era of information and knowledge explosion, so many of us just drift by without making the effort acquire skills that would help us accomplish certain tasks that are pivotal to our success.

Today we are bombarded by information from all over – and it’s mostly free, yet invaluable information. The Google search dialog box is a gateway to knowledge on virtually every subject. And it’s largely free. Besides, everyday in your email inbox you receive tons of emails laden with cutting edge information, especially in online business opportunities.

But this avalanche of information largely goes underutilized by the recipients (who dismiss it all as spam).

How many of us are busy doing online businesses without learning the skills of the trade? You sign up with a business opportunity and you don’t even read the training emails sent into your inbox.

As I write this, I have just watched a 5-minute video by David Wood on the three common mistakes most people make online: not having a vision; not measuring outcomes, and not taking massive flexible action.

But how many times have you received emails such as the one I just received from David and instead of reading it you just ignored or trashed it? I know I was guilty of this offence in the past; but I have made up my mind to learn virtually as much as I possibly can about online businesses.

Granted, there is too much junk content online that does not deserve a minute’s attention. But there are also authorities in online businesses who you can opt to receive emails from and learn so much. You know them.

Those who have succeeded online must have done something right – they know something you don’t; and they are willing to share their success journey with you – mostly free of charge.

So, why are you stuck in your online dreams? Why are you not making headway in online ventures? The answer is simple. You don’t have the know-how. And the reason you don’t is that, until now, you have not taken the initiative to learn all you need to know about making money online.

For instance, most of what I know about making money online, I learnt from Strong Future International (SFI). I used to subscribe to a newsletter called International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) for years; and from it I learnt most of what I know about online trade, including the marketing tools and strategies needed to succeed online.

Today most of this information is available from the company’s online members’ portal. And yet, despite the availability of this information, thousands of affiliates are struggling to earn: just because they lack the commitment to go through the training resources provided for free by SFI.

My point?

You can succeed in any business; online or offline, if you possess the requisite knowledge. You need to learn how to sell online. You need to learn how to write effective emails. You need to learn how to post ads online. You need to learn how to come up with effective websites. You need to learn how to prospect. You need to learn how to blog with impact. And so on and so on.

The good news is that whatever you need to learn to succeed online, the information is already available; and it’s mostly free.

Remember; knowledge is power; and as David Wood would say, ‘without action, a vision is a mere fantasy’.
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