Do It Now! 5 Reasons You Must Stay Focused On Your Life Mission

This blog post was inspired by a report I received of an old friend who had just passed on. According to the report, he came home, removed his shoes, untied his belt; and then he collapsed and died.


Just like that! Gone!


You may have your own examples of people who were by all indications healthy but suddenly collapsed and died.


Death is a certainty for everyone who is on planet earth. However, the legacy we live behind can go on for generations to come.


You are on a mission to greatness; and every day that dawns takes you one step closer to your destiny.


It is of paramount importance therefore to spend the time that God has dealt you wisely and expeditiously.


Let’s look at five reasons you need to maximize your current time.


1. Your life on earth is limited

This is a fact we cannot bend. You may live to be a hundred plus years but one day your time will come; and the world will have to bid you goodbye.


In life we can amass much stuff but time is the one resource that we have no control of. God decides how long we live here on earth.


Although time is limited, we can put infinite value in the time that we have to ensure that our greatest goal, our life mission, is accomplished.


So, as you spend your time, always ask yourself whether you are spending it on what matters most.


2. There is never a better time than Now

Some people have the tendency to postpone everything to a future date. Tomorrow is always chosen over now since it gives us the leverage to procrastinate and do nothing.


In reality however, the only time that you can be sure of is now. Don’t postpone to tomorrow what you can do now.


Of course I am not implying that we should not prepare and plan. Indeed we should; but we should not excuse our ineptitude by moving to tomorrow what should be done today.


Learn to seize and maximize on the moment. The next one hour could be the tipping point of your destiny, which may hinge on the one decision you are about to make. It may also be dependent on the next task that you are about to perform. To delay or postpone action now may be tantamount to delaying, or even aborting, your destiny.


Act now. Don’t delay. Your destiny awaits.


3. You owe the world your best act

The late Dr. Myles Munroe used to say that everyone owes the world.


There is so much potential in us that when we live life in its fullest expression, the impact goes beyond us. The world will not be what it is without your contribution.


You have books that you owe the world. Inventions that are yet to roll off your mind. There are skyscrapers that are yet to come out of you. Someone on the verge of committing suicide may be waiting for your call to change their mind. Perhaps you are the one who needs to stand up for the injustices in your community. Maybe if you just push a little harder you will come up with a cure for an incurable disease.


In short, you cannot afford to be sloppy or inept. You owe the world your best act. Creation awaits your unveiling for solutions to problems that have until now dogged mankind.


Put your best foot forward and show’em what you’ve got. But do it now!


4. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a ‘may be’. Today is certain.

The ‘present’ is the greatest equalizer of all time. Let me explain. The only time that everyone alive has for certain is ‘now’.


You may have failed countless times yesterday and the years before that. Or you may be in your early twenties and have just started your career or business. You may be young, or old; a man, or a woman.


It does not matter what your past looks like. All that matters is that you have NOW.


Yesterday’s failures need not define your present. You can have a fresh start now. You can change your destiny now. And the beauty of it is that God can place someone on your path today and change your destiny forever! But you have to live in the now – maximize the now moment and milk it to the last drop.


5. Your legacy depends on what you are doing

Most people wait for big breaks while in reality success is made possible by the small incremental breaks that often come disguised as ‘work’. The reason most people miss these breaks is because, for some strange reason, they look at work as a punishment from the Almighty.


What you are doing now will determine what legacy you will leave behind when you come to the end of your days on earth.


Your legacy is ingrained in your purpose. In effect, if you are not currently chasing your purpose, you will have no legacy to leave behind.


Take a long, hard look at your life and ask yourself whether you are doing what God created you to do. Look at where you are now, and what you are doing; and then ask yourself if you are doing your best to maximize the only time on earth you can be certain of – the present!


There is in you a seed of greatness. Whether that seed sprouts out of the ground and blossoms; or whether it dies without ever seeing the light of day, depends on what you are doing right now.


The years you live don’t have to be equivalent to the life you put into those years. In fact you can leverage your life on earth by living a legacy that will last for generations to come, long after you have left earth.


The journey towards such a legacy begins here, and now!

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