Are you a Victim or a Victor?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those with a victor mentality and those with a victim mentality.

Re-read the above paragraph.

I did not say that the world has victors and victims; but rather people with a victor or a victim mentality.

Who you become, the sum total of your life, is largely dependent on your mentality; how you think; your thought-sense.

We become victors or victims at the mental or mind level. Whatever you constantly think about determines whether you end up being a victor, or a victim.

The beauty about life is that when God created us, He gave us the ability to freely choose. He installed in us an app I call self-will. This app is so strong that even God could not override it when Adam and Eve used it to disobey Him.

The default result (being kicked out of the Garden of Eden) after they disobeyed God was unmitigatable at the time; until Jesus came up with another app that provided an override, or bypass in the form of forgiveness via remission of sins.

Now, as much as the above may sound preachy to some, the point has been made that every person has been bestowed with a great gift called self-will. How we use this gift depends on us.

The application of this gift is largely in our mind; the place in our genetic make-up where decisions are made. Whatever we do in life is a by-product of the decisions we make.

There is no in-between when it comes to making decisions. When we fail to make the right decision, our brain, by default, makes the contrary decision.

From the time we are born, the default template of our mind’s processor is a binary code. We process information in our brains as either 1 or 0; positive or negative.

It is at our mind level where information is processed that determines whether we adopt a victor or a victim mentality. And as I have pointed out, we have control over the choice to process positive or negative thoughts.

Your destiny is in your hands; or should I say ‘in your mind’? Your life can get on to a trajectory of unstoppable progress as long as you keep feeding it with information that will be processed in your favor.

If you keep feeding your mind with negative information such as ‘I can’t make it’; ‘I don’t have what it takes’; ‘I am afraid of what people will say or think’; ‘this is beyond me’; ‘I don’t have what it takes’ – you are fattening the victim while starving the victor in you.

At times you will feel justified to feel wronged – and maybe justifiably so. But your continued focus on the bad that was done to you can only continue perpetuating the victim you.

No matter how much you feel the world has been unfair to you; you should resist the temptation to feed your victim mentality. The more negative energy you send to your brain, the more negative results you will attract.

It may be gloom and dark all around you; but instead of lamenting about the darkness, choose to light a candle and soon the darkness will disappear from your life. However, the more you concentrate on the negatives, the more darker your world will become.

Success or failure boils down to what we feed most: self-limiting thoughts; or positive self-affirming thoughts.

You can decide today to either start charting your path to victory by thinking like a victor; or take the less exerting road that quickly leads to defeat and despair; where everyone else but you is to blame for the predicament you now find yourself in.

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