4 Tips on How to thrive in the post-COVID-19 Workplace

Almost every aspect of life is being rebooted by the coronavirus pandemic. It almost feels like the world as we knew has been flattened.

With this flattening is a call to see and think differently. As Steve Jobs once said during Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign, “those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that actually do.”

To thrive in the “new workplace normal”, companies will have to adopt new ways of doing business while at the same time holding on to what makes them uniquely different. Here are four ways your company can survive and thrive in a post-COVID19 world.

1. Get Back to Core Values

Core values are so-called because they are fundamental. They are basic concepts that form the heartbeat of a system.

Despite the current ‘noise’ and realignments in the workplace; despite the changes heralded by COVID-19, the core values of your company must remain intact. Products and models change in response to competition and the market realities of supply and demand. However, the core values of a company must be strong enough to sustain brand integrity and resilience.

Without core values, any turbulence in the workplace will bring your company down. This is because core values are to a company what a solid foundation is to a building. In their absence, the business cannot stand the vicissitudes of the marketplace.

2. Clearly Communicate your Core Values

While it’s important to get the word out concerning your wonderful, top-of-the-range products and services, the one thing you must prioritize above all else is clearly communicating your core values.

For instance, Nike is known for its great sport shoes, but their main message is really not about shoes, but about sports and great sportsmen. That’s what Nike is known for. Their slogan, Just Do It, speaks to the importance of leaving sportspeople with just one task; do your thing (and we will take care of your feet).

Another example is Apple Inc., which is known for great products. However, Steve Jobs felt that at the core of the company was an innate drive to think differently and to honour those people (living or dead) who changed the world by daring to think differently despite the status quo.

Post COVID-19, the companies that will survive are those that will go back to their core values and communicate them as clearly as possible. Once the market understands your core values, backed up by great products and services, you won’t have to spend huge on advertising to thrive.

3. Learn to Manage Workers from Home

Social distancing is the new byword for how people should interact with each other. It’s really a misnomer since for years we have talked about ‘bonding’ as an essential ingredient of teamwork. Since companies thrive on teamwork for growth, the current realities of encouraging people to work from home make working as a team quite a challenge.

Luckily, social distancing is not a challenge from a digital world’s perspective. There are applications that allow teams to work together on various projects. These tools help employers to manage workers from wherever they are working without risking COVID-19 infections.

Moving forward, companies will have to master the requisite skills of managing workers away from the traditional office. To do this, they will have no option than to embrace a platform workplace.

4. Embrace a Digital Platform Workplace

That the COVID-19 pandemic has rejigged the workplace is no longer a contentious issue. What companies are contending with, however, is how to continue doing business in a world that has largely gone digital.

To survive and thrive in the new digital workplace, companies will have to embrace and upgrade their digital platforms so employees can work seamlessly online. Luckily, there are a host of proprietary applications in the marketplace that are making it possible for employees to interact with other teams.

Companies need to transition into a fully integrated digital platform model to remain relevant. The ability of companies to perform optimally in this platform-based environment will determine which ones thrive, survive, or expire. While some businesses are ready for the digital platform model, those that are not must quickly evolve into this space to remain competitive.

To thrive in a post-coronavirus world, companies that have not embraced digital platforms must change tact, fast! The reality of a digital village envisioned by visionaries like Thomas Friedman in his book, The World Is Flat, is now fully with us. Those who will embrace this reality will thrive. Those who don’t will, unfortunately, find it extremely difficult to survive the post-COVID19 workplace.