The Distinct Rhythm of Success

Success is predicated on rhythm – Bishop T.D. Jakes


Everything in life has a rhythm!


There is a beat, a pulse and a frequency to everything we see around us.


The geese flying in formation produce a rhythm as they flap their wings; an action that breaks the intensity of their flight and reduces wind resistance by about 70%.


The birds in front encounter the greatest resistance; but as they flap their wings, they break the intensity of the resistance, enabling those behind them to ride on with minimum energy.


When the bird in front gets tired, it slows down to the back of the formation where there is least resistance. If any goose flies out of formation, it soon realizes that it requires more energy to fly; so it glides back into formation.


The other thing about flying in formation is that the geese are able to fly on the same frequency; on the same level.


The result is that team work is enhanced; and what would have been a near impossible task for one bird becomes effortless. The storms may come and the winds may furiously rage against them, but as long as they fly in this rhythm, nothing can stop them from forging ahead.


To succeed, we have to get into the rhythm of everything around us. The reason why we go to school is to help us get our mind engaged into the rhythm of life.


For a business to succeed, it needs rhythm – the absence of which is a sure recipe for chaos and disorder.


There can be no music without a rhythm; otherwise the result will be just irritating noise.


A lack of rhythm irritates the universe


In another post, I noted that the universe abhors disorder. This disorder is the result of a lack of rhythm. Everything that flies, creeps or floats requires rhythm to sustain their momentum.


Rhythm is “a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound”.


For us to be successful in life, we need to be in constant, coordinated repetitive motion. Below are three things you can do to ensure rhythm in your life:


1. Get yourself in order


Make sure the arrangement of everything in your life is in perfect balance and order. Don’t assume that all will go well if everything around you, including yourself, is out of order.


The first place to ensure order is to literary ‘clean after yourself’; really. Make sure your little world is orderly and clean. Don’t expect anyone else to do what you should do. Pick up the litter around you; realign anything around you that is out of alignment.


And don’t postpone what you should do now. In a nutshell, make sure your ‘part’ of the world is in order.

2. Get into the beat


Whether it’s the rain water pounding the earth; or the trees swaying to the beat of the wind; or even the ocean waves washing crabs on to the shore; everything has a beat.


A beat creates rhythm, harmony and balance. Find out what your life path (or purpose) is and get on with doing what God created you to do. You can’t get into the beat by sitting or standing still. You’ve got to move your body and your mind to the rhythm of your beat; and as you do this, you will start to pick momentum; which brings me to the next point.

3. Get in motion


The most important aspect of success in any field is movement. Success by nature implies movement towards a certain goal.

Movement does not just imply physical movement; it also includes spiritual, emotional and mental movement.


To achieve success and enjoy it, you need to grow spiritually. You must be connected to the Creator of the universe – God.

However much success you attain in life, without a connection to God, you will never find true lasting peace.


And even if you don’t believe in the existence of God, you must believe in the existence of the universe. Be at peace with the One who created it.


Emotional growth has to do with the stability of your feelings – whether you are happy or sad. To be stable emotionally, ensure that all your relationships are working as they should; and as much as possible surround yourself with positive energy while shunning negative energy generators.


Make sure also that you are growing mentally. Read as many books in your field as possible. Upgrade your knowledge whenever you get an opportunity to do so. I am convinced that just by exercising your mind through acquisition of knowledge; you will be more than halfway done with your success journey.


The Bible says in Hosea 4: 6 that ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me”.


We cannot succeed without knowledge; and today no one has an excuse for not reading. There is a lot of free knowledge on the Internet on literary any subject known to man.


4. Get on the right frequency


Every beat has a frequency.


Likewise, everything in life, whether living or inanimate, has a frequency. Success too has frequency.


Frequency is “the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample”.


To succeed, ensure that you are on the same frequency or level with your goals. To do this, you must have a vision of where it is you want to go.


To attain your goals, you must align your life to the frequency of your goals and consequently to the frequency of your future.


To be successful in a particular field, seek mentorship from others who are already successful in that field. In short seek to learn from people who are already living in the frequency of your vision.


You can also rise to the frequency of your dreams by imagining you are already there. See yourself already living the life you’ve always wanted; and actually feel it. With time, the universe will command the law of attraction to bring your dream to you.


Always remember that you are where you are today because you are operating on the same frequency with your current circumstances. Change to a higher frequency and your life will soon change for the better.

5. Get to enjoy the ride


As you move to the beat of your life, making sure that everything is in perfect balance and order, you will start feeling better, happier, and more grateful for what you are and what you have achieved.


Don’t break your rhythm no matter what. Sometimes the beat will be slow while at other times it will rise to a higher crescendo. Enjoy every beat; and surrender to the perfect rhythm and pulse of your life.


And when you feel down, alone and dejected, get back into formation with your purpose and you will soon get your groove back.

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