Ten words for a great day

1. Clarity Be clear about what you want to achieve today. There is no room for fuzziness here. Make sure that you have a full dimension view of what you want to achieve today. For success to come home with you later in the day, you need to have a clear vision of the day
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Success does not quit

There’s a Bible verse in Matthew 24:13 to the effect that those who endure to the end shall be saved. While I am not here to preach (even though I am a preacher), I can’t help but see how strikingly relevant this verse is to those who succeed in making money online; and those who
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online success skeptics

Its a fact: The Internet is like a giant minefield when it comes to finding a real opportunity to make money. You SHOULD be skeptical. At SFI, we’re not going to insult your intelligence with promises of riches overnight. That just doesn’t happen. But with $4 TRILLION in online sales projected in 2020 alone, there
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