bill gates

the power of a compelling story

Let me start by making my point: a good story well told can move the world. Lately, I have been wondering about the many stories I have come across on how some of the most profitable companies in the world began. Just think about it. Almost every successful company in the world has a compelling
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Share your way to happiness

Have you ever noticed how most people appear to be always on edge? Consider the driver across the lane wearing a fixed grim expression on his or her face; or that lady frowning at you just because your eyes have just accidentally met. I invite you to take time to look at people’s faces and
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how happy people live

The law of attraction is based on reciprocity. Whatever we send out always comes back to us. Life is like a boomerang. What we send out comes back either to bless us; or to haunt us. Happy people understand the law of attraction. They make sure to send out what they would love to receive.
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