Success Tips: From inspiration to action

Innocent Mwangi
Innocent Mwangi

The Bible says that faith without action is dead.

Literally, what this means is that success does not come to the most motivated or inspired; but to the one who takes action.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is action; massive, determined action pummeled towards a goal.

Other factors may bear on whether we succeed or fail, but these are mostly factors beyond our control. What ultimately tips the balance is almost always action.

In one way or the other, all of the more than seven billion of us in the world are working towards one goal. Success!

Success in its various forms and variations is possible if we put enough effort behind it. In fact, without the internal and external influence and interference, we are all wired for success from the moment we are born.

The default of the system that is you is success; meaning that you were meant to succeed in everything you decide to put your mind on. However, due to the many distractions of life, this system ultimately malfunctions, and in some cases fails.

When you take an audit of your life, you will realize that your greatest enemy is yourself. And this is tragic because you are meant to be your greatest ally.

Success is first and foremost personal. When you achieve your goals, you become the biggest beneficiary of your efforts. However, success should go beyond you and embrace the interests of others. When this happens, your sphere of influences expands; making you a leader that others look up to.

As you push hard towards achieving your goals, there is one other factor that you will have to contend with; competition.

There are many other people right now who are pursuing the same outcome as you are. To get the prize, you will have to overcome fierce competition from others. You will have to out-work, out-manoeuvre, out-smart, and-outlast everyone else.

It’s the person who leads the pack that ultimately gets the prize. Your daily efforts should therefore be to make sure that you are not hindered or stopped by internal (self) and external setbacks that daily seek to derail your progress.

There are many enemies to success which, if not stopped or dis-empowered, will stop or dis-empower you.

Lack of, or erratic commitment is the greatest enemy of success. You need to understand the impact of this because life will throw all manner of brick bats in your way to try and stop you.

You see, while you are engineered to succeed, the world (the external environment) is set up in such a way as to make you fail. And the surest path to failure is to not to be committed to your goals.

Your fight therefore should be to resist anything and anyone that tries to stop you from attaining your goals.

I believe that you are a candidate for success – in fact each one of us is. But to become a success in any field will require concerted effort from your part, and an unwavering determination and commitment to succeed against all odds.

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