Success has a new name … JESUS!

Innocent Mwangi
Innocent Mwangi

Christmas is just around the corner. Homes and businesses are already spruced up for this auspicious season.

Excitement is in the air! All troubles and heartaches are forgotten. The smiles are wider; and the laughter louder… everywhere.


The purse strings are loose as the ‘spirit’ of Christmas softens the hardest of hearts. It’s a giving season. Families all of a sudden are getting along, at least as long as the season lasts.

Indeed there is joy in the world; and even the silent of nights is illuminated by a billion stars. And if you still don’t understand why everyone around you is so excited, well, ‘go tell it to the mountains’.

It’s Christmas, people! Christ is born!

Think about this for a moment. The reason behind all the flurry of activities as we inch towards Christmas day is Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind.

Christmas is about a gift from God that was given once but which keeps on giving. And the motivation behind the gift is love. In fact the Bible says that God is love. So, we can in effect say that on Christmas day, God gave Himself to us in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ.

But let us ponder about this season for a while. It is arguably the most profitable season for companies that deal with gifts. So, we can call it the gifting season. It is the season that most people spend the most money. In fact, people save for this season.

Some people would call it the magic season; and maybe it is. It is the season when the magic of Christmas appear to infect both the rich and the poor; momentarily ignoring the huge economic gulf that separates them.

But let us look at this season from a different pair of lenses. What makes it so special?

You see, Jesus was neither rich, nor poor, at least not from the perspective we look at success today. However, He is the most fulfilled and contented person that ever lived. And the basis for His contentment; what He called ‘food’, was that he was doing “the will of him who sent me and to finish his work” (John 4:34).

In this statement lies the ultimate definition of success; which is to live out the purpose for which you were created.

Jesus’ reference point was not material pursuit or unbridled lust for wealth. No, He was only interested in living out the purpose for which He came to earth.

I invite you to consider this season as a time to reflect on whether you are on track to fulfilling your purpose. Success is measured not by how much stuff you accumulate in your lifetime, but by how effective you are living out your purpose.

This season, Jesus stands as the epitome of success. He is not remembered by how much he had, but by how well He lived His purpose. The same rule will be applied to us when our time on earth finally comes to an end.

Fame and accumulation of wealth do not bring fulfillment and contentment. But living out your God-ordained purpose puts you on an irreversible pedestal of success.

By living within your purpose, your life will take on a meaning that is not dictated or influenced by external circumstances.

Merry Christmas!

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