Stop Playing Safe! Remove the Fences Around Your Dreams

I have been a victim of a disease I now call ‘playing safe‘.

You see, I had put hedges all around my life, my dreams and anything else in my life that matters.

And these fences were not meant to protect the good that was already in; but in essence they were safeguards for filtering through ‘what people might say‘.

For years I agonized over taking a certain course of action in fear of ‘what will people say’. The end result was that I either ended up scaling back on my pursuit of that course of action, which at the time I believed was profitable for me; or I simply applied the breaks and never did it all.

We all live multi-dimensional lives. Yes, we have one life but with so many shades of it that it is sometimes difficult to know which shade we should put forward on a day to day basis.

One person could be a wife, a mother, a house keeper, a career woman, a pastor, a community leader, an athlete, etc. All these different aspects of life is what I call shades.

Each of these shades is presented before an individual or a group of people on a daily basis.

In my case as a minister of the Word of God,  there is a community that I present myself to as a pastor; and they have certain expectations of me.

When I get home to my wife and kids, those expectations change to a more personal, practical shade – and I have to adjust myself into the family mode.

If the above example already looks crowded, well that’s not all about me. I am also a businessman, a writer (you know this already), an editor, an online marketer, a poet (yes, I love poetry), an employee (well, until I was laid off); and I have a feeling there is so much more about me that I am yet to find out.

The problem comes when transitioning from one shade to another. This is when the fences start coming up. Each of these fences is a fence of limitation, and it’s hedged by that chilling question: ‘what will people say’. At other time we go far into other people’s minds and hedge our progress on ‘what will people think’.

And herein lies the enemy of your success.

This enemy is the most powerless enemy you can ever imagine; and yet the most dangerous because you are the one who ’empowers’ it with your words and thoughts.

An enemy coming against you from without is dangerous; but more lethal is the enemy within, the one you give permission to come and invade you. In other words, you open to him the doors and the windows; and every area of your life. And then you blame God for the mess in your life?

This is what happens when you erect fences around your dreams. And there are so many fences people erect against what they desire to achieve in life.

These fences come in different forms, shapes and names. Most come in the name of I can’t or I don’t have. The moment you say I can’t or I don’t have, the entire universe conspires to make sure you get what you say; or what you think. The universe listens to both our words and our thoughts.

For instant if you say that I can’t afford my own house because I don’t have money, the universe interprets this message to mean you don’t want to attract money to yourself, and that you also don’t want to attract ‘my own house’ to yourself. See my previous blog post on ‘The Law of Attraction‘ on more about this.

However, the “I can’t” and “I don’t have” fences described above are less dangerous, in my opinion, than the “what will people say” or  “what will people think” fences.

This is because the former are easy to recognize and hence deal with since they are often verbalized. The latter are not so easy to recognize as they are subtly spoken in our minds as thoughts. They lurk in the dark recesses of your mind, constantly blocking you from going out there and achieving your dreams.

Today I want to call out your potential from wherever it is hidden or fenced in your mind. I want you to realize that the only limitations to your success lie in those dark recesses of your mind.

Learn to step into every shade of your life with confidence and positive activism and do whatever God put you on planet earth to do “with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind”.

Cheers to success beyond your wildest dreams!

As always, I appreciate your positive feedback 🙂

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