Secret of the Law of Attraction

The universe has a way of rewarding us; or punishing us depending on what we set our minds to attract.

The one greatest asset that God gave us is a mind – a sound mind for that matter (2 Timothy 1:7). It is at this area of our being; the mind, that we win or loose.

And the thing about our mind is that it generates energy that connects with the universe to attract whatever we want, depending on the signals our mind sends out.

Whatever you think of; that which you lock your mind on, you attract.

You need to constantly send to your mind signals (message, images and sounds) that amplify what you want out of life.

And this is where most people sabotage themselves.

While they express on one hand a desire to succeed, on the other hand they constantly feed their mind with so many ‘I can’t’ messages and signals. As the messages of failure keep piling up, the brain interprets this to mean that failure and not success is the desired outcome.

Success is possible if you can first envision it in your mind. The images of success in your mind must be so vivid that your mind will have no problem deciphering them as messages of success.

You have to literary bombard your mind with images, sounds and signals that feed what you desire while at the same time dimming or completely obliterating the messages and signals of failure.

Our minds have the capacity to command the universe to align itself with the signals we send out. It is at the level of our mind that energy is generated, which sends out messages to the universe.

You are the one to decide what you want to attract by pumping into your sound mind messages that send signals to whatever outcomes you desire to receive.

As the Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, you are what you think. In short, the law of attraction is largely dependent on your mind; the messages you allow to go in there.

According to Frank J. Ninivaggi, “The mind’s processing default template is a binary code”.

Whatever it receives to process is sorted outs as a 1 (one) or 0 (zero). If something is positive, the mind processes it as a 1; or 0 (zero) if it is negative.

We should therefore be very clear in our minds, without ambiguity whatsoever, what outcomes we want to receive.

The messages you send to your mind must be clear enough for the mind to accurately decipher as intended.

Once you send clear, laser sharp messages to your mind, the rest of the universe will move and align itself to deliver to you whatever you had earlier conceived in your mind.

This applies to online success as well. And as Henry Ford would say, if you believe you can or cannot, you are right.

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I rise to your success!

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