Painting your universe with the bold stroke of purpose

There is something in all of us that is greater, more powerful and significant than even our own estimation of who we are.

The late Myles Monroe understood this fact all too well. It astounded him that so many people go on about life as if they had no purpose. And yet, in Munroe’s words, ” The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose’.

A week or so before he died, I watched an interview Munroe had with a Kenyan journalist, Jeff Koinange, in which he poignantly stated: “I am planning to die empty”. He also remarked to Jeff who had just released his first book: “you have at least ten more books in you that you owe the world. Don’t die with my books”.

Most people try to look for significance from what is around them rather than what is within them. In their desperate attempt to become great, they by-pass their purpose by trying to imitate those who they believe are more significant than they are.

Others don’t even try to live their potential at all as they are so immobilized by fear and doubt that they never get off the starting blocks of their life. No wonder Myles Munroe was convinced that the graveyard is the richest place on earth, where potential that was never lived is buried.

There is a seed of greatness in everyone of us. This seed is more powerful than the most potent nuclear arsenal ever made. When God created mankind in His own image and after His likeness, and then His life into him, He infused in us a power and potential akin to His own.

Buried deep in our soul is a DNA that has nothing to do with our earthly parents. It’s a DNA laden with creative potential that most people live their entire lives without even scratching the surface of it.

Kevin Mullens said that if “… you’re just going through the motions; you’re stealing life from yourself”.  And he is 100% right. In fact you are not just stealing life from yourself; you are also robbing the world the beauty of your greatness.

The biggest tragedy in life is when you drift through life without making an effort to fulfill the purpose for which God created you.

You can be successful in almost anything you attempt to do in life if you learn how to concentrate all your effort, time and resources towards your purpose.  The more you focus on your purpose, the more opportunities open up in your life.

There is no person as attractive as a man or a woman diligently pursuing their purpose.

There is an artist buried deep in your soul; and that artist has the potential to carve out a masterpiece that the entire world will gasp at in excitement.

The world is a tapestry of different colors and patterns. By our lives we paint the universe with our boldest, brightest strokes; leaving behind a pattern and beauty that makes an eternal statement long after we are gone.

In business, relationship, politics, education; or whatever it is that you find yourself painting, you always produce masterpieces that will shine brightly in the enduring tapestry of time.

Purpose is the pen with which we draw the pattern of our lives; and depending on how bold our strokes are, we determine whether the brushes of insignificance, fear, lethargy or doubt will wipe them into oblivion; or whether we will leave a legacy that even the vicissitudes of life cannot obliterate.

So, put your best foot forward. Take out your sharpest pen; and with indelible paint start painting the universe with the boldest strokes possible. With time, and as long as you keep at it, the world’s tapestry will feature breathtaking masterpieces with your name on them.

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