• Love and order: the basic connectors of life

    connected universe

    All of life is about connections. We are all connected. Think of yourself as a link in the entire universe. You are connected to the universe in ways that you may never understand. The moment you understand that everything and everyone in the universe is connected to you, you will start harnessing the immense energy more

  • Happy People Do These 10 Things

    how happy people live

    The law of attraction is based on reciprocity. Whatever we send out always comes back to us. Life is like a boomerang. What we send out comes back either to bless us; or to haunt us. Happy people understand the law of attraction. They make sure to send out what they would love to receive. more

  • You are Great Just Being You

    You are great just being you

    What if you came to the end of your life only to realize you never lived it; that you never attained your fullest potential because you spent your life trying to be someone else other than you? How would that make you feel? Most of us spend a lot of time trying to be someone more

  • How to bring order and multiplication in your life

    pattern of life

    If you have read The Secret or watched the documentary by the same title, then you know that what is touted as a closely guarded secret is The Law of Attraction. But I have discovered an even better secret, perhaps even more compelling than the law of attraction. The Law of Order and Balance This more