• Consider Your Words before You Express Them

    Have you ever typed something you wanted to post on your facebook wall, or tweet about, but then you quickly, or slowly, hit the backspace key on your keyboard to delete it? This has happened to me many times. In fact, I have written lengthy emails intending to hit the send button but then just more

  • Hesitation: You Snooze, You Lose!

    One of my favorite books this year is by a foul-speaking author called Mel Robbins. I say foul because she uses swear words that are downright unprintable. Most people in America may not find such swear words offensive, but where I come from in Africa, use of curse and swear words is sternly frowned upon. more

  • Success Tips: From inspiration to action

    The Bible says that faith without action is dead. Literally, what this means is that success does not come to the most motivated or inspired; but to the one who takes action. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is action; massive, determined action pummeled towards a goal. Other factors may bear more

  • 7 Micro-acts: The power of taking small steps towards your dream

    If you are like most progressive people, you have big dreams; very grandiose dreams! It’s is actually admirable to have dreams that are big and ostentatious. However, having a big dream and living it are two different scenarios. To just dream and never take the actions required to actualize your dreams is like living in more