5 Greatest Fears you Should Overcome to Succeed

What are you afraid of?

What feels you with trepidation?

I have cracked the code to set you free and unleash your destiny. There are five greatest fears in the world, and you are most likely suffering from one or a combination of them. These are the fears stopping you from enjoying life. To live to your fullest potential, learn to eliminate or at least control the most dominant fear(s).

A healthy dose of fear can propel you into your destiny. However, when it becomes overwhelming to the point of incapacitation; when it stops you from taking the actions that feed into your success; that kind of fear is unhealthy. Here are the five greatest fears to avoid, or at least learn to control.

1. The Fear of Life
Ironically, people fear life as much as they love it. When confronted with threat and danger, fear dominates more people than hope. It is fear that causes us to flee from danger, discomfort and pain. The irony is that discomfort, pain and crises are a part of life. To succeed in life, learn to embrace fear instead of running from it. Accept it as an integral part of life. Instead of letting it incapacitate you, embrace and use it as a catalyst to help you spring into action and do what you must do to move forward. Don’t let fear stop you. Make fear your ally. Life is beautiful. So much awaits you in the years to come. Tomorrow is a better, brighter day. Tomorrow you will shine. Tomorrow you will conquer. Tomorrow you will triumph. If you feel a little fear, don’t let it stop you from advancing into your destiny.

2. Fear of Love
Are you afraid those you love will hurt you? Love has a way of making us feel vulnerable. We are afraid we will lose control when we allow other people into the intimate areas of our lives. It is no wonder most are afraid of love. We are afraid if we open ourselves to others, they will take advantage of us. You see, when we love, we surrender all pretensions and, without inhibition, allow others into areas of our heart that we would normally have under lock and key. People fear to fall in love; to expose themselves to others in ways that leave them feeling vulnerable. Yet, there is no greater force in the world than the power of love. Instead of fearing love, embrace it and use it to great advantage. In fact, the best way to receive love is to give it as liberally as possible. Maximize the power of love by giving it away and you will receive it back compounded beyond measure. Once you have love, you have on your side the very force that moves the world.

3. Fear of Suffering
Are you afraid of suffering and pain? Your response, most likely, is yes! Most of us are held back by the fear of suffering and pain. Instead of enjoying life, we worry endlessly about the possibility of having to go through untold pain and suffering. We fear we will go bankrupt and not have a roof over our head. We see ourselves out in the cold. We see auctioneers coming to auction our properties. A myriad of questions race through our mind. How will I make it in old age? How will my body feel? Will I be able to walk without joint and back pain? The problem with this type of fear is it keeps us from enjoying today. Instead, we end up stressed out thinking about stuff we cannot control. Your best moments are fully expressed in the present. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not here yet. Enjoy today and trust God for tomorrow.

4. Fear of Failure
If you are terrified by the possibility of failure, you are in good company. The fear of failure is in itself a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because we are afraid we will fail, fear actually guarantees that failure. It’s because we are afraid of failure that we do not take the necessary steps to ensure success. The key to overcoming this type of fear is to embrace and use it to move forward. As you put one foot in front of the other, the intensity of fear diminishes. Soon, that which you thought was impossible starts to take a realistic form; and as you approach it, sometimes with trepidation, fear dissipates as you finally enter into success territory.

5. Fear of Terminal Illness
Are you scared stiff of catching a terminal illness? This is one of the most debilitating fears. The possibility of catching a terminal disease such as cancer or Parkinson is frighteningly scary. It gets worse if one’s genetic makeup predisposes them to a certain type of terminal or debilitating disease. But here is the thing: you do not improve or enjoy life by constantly worrying over a terminal illness you might never contract. In any case, even if one was to later in life contract a terminal illness or a debilitating disease, why deprive yourself of the joy of the present?

The key to happiness, success, joy, peace, and contentment is to enjoy life. Have a positive outlook towards life. Savor every moment you have and don’t let the fear of failure or disease stop your dream. The world is a better place when we live fully, hopefully, love lavishly, and live in the present. Embrace life!

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