Online success starts from the mind

Henry Ford is quoted to have said: whether you think you can or cannot, you are right.

Recently I delivered a sermon on how to guard our hearts. I anchored my message on Proverbs 4: 23 which says: ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it’.

I am not here to preach to you; but I can’t help but wonder how apt this scripture is to online success.

The fact is, ever since we were born, our minds have been under constant attack from negative thoughts.

Some of these thoughts have been so deeply ingrained and embedded into our sub conscious minds that we have come to accept them as irrefutable truth.

Negative thoughts are like a cancer: they eat at the very core of our belief system. This is made worse by the fact that thoughts inform our mind. These further feed into our hearts and, consequently, the issues flowing from our hearts inform our behavior and the actions we take.

Our ability or inability to act is informed by what we allow into our minds; the thoughts we capture and allow to lodge in our hearts.

One difference between successful people and those that are not is that successful people think positive thoughts while the latter dwell on the negatives.

This is because successful people understand that success or failure originate from thoughts. Failure or success comes when we finally embrace these thoughts in our heart.

Politicians understand this all too well. During the USA 2016 general elections, Donald Trump kept on hammering statements such as “we are winning”; even when everyone, polls included, gave him slim or no chance of becoming the 45th President of the United States. You know very well how that election turned out.

To make money online; money that you can live on, you need to have the right thought pattern. If you always see yourself as incapable of online success, you will fail.

What you need to do from today is to start chipping away at those negative self-limiting thoughts of failure. You need to understand that you are the guardian of your mind. Nothing goes in there without your permission. Your role is to keep the trash out of your heart.

Negative thoughts should ideally be replaced by positive thoughts. However this task is not easy as it requires yanking them out of our minds and replacing them with positive thoughts.

An easier route however is getting rid of positive thoughts through displacementInstead of replacing them, we should displace them with positive thoughts. To illustrate this point, consider this: If you continuously pour clean water into a glass full of dirty water, soon the clean water will displace the dirty water and the once glass of dirty water will sport sparkling clean water.

Replacing the dirty water with clean water will however entail pouring out the dirty water and then pouring in the clean water. This is a quick and effective cold pigeon treatment; but it is difficult and has low levels of success.

Make a decision today to start displacing failure thoughts with success thoughts. If you can see yourself succeeding, and continuously entertaining thoughts of success, you will soon start taking the actions required for online success.

It is time to unlock your mind and free it from stagnating self-limiting thoughts by daily displacing them with thoughts of breakthrough and success.

Here’s to your success.

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