Life Hacks: 3 Things You Can Do To Succeed In Life

There are some fundamentals facts of life that you cannot change.


You can skirt around them, ignore them, or even deny them until the heavens come down.


For instance, you cannot change the fact that you live in a universe that’s so perfectly designed and arraigned that no small or Big Bang could have created it.


Indisputably, such a perfectly put-together universe must have been designed and created by someone.


I call that designer and creator, God.


In life as well, there are a number of things that define success; and they are adamantly intractable that trying to change them is like attempting to prove that the universe does not exist.


Today we live in a world of possibilities. We believe that anything is possible as long as we program our minds to embrace the inevitability of success.


However, in the real sense, all of life is about perception. And perception changes from one person to the other.


The thing about perception is that it’s always a reflection of an absolute truth or fact. It’s like casting light onto a prism (truth); you get a different perspective depending on the angle, direction and intensity of light beamed on it.


But your perspective or perception of the prism does not change it. Likewise, our perspective or perception of the truth does not change it.


Perceptions have one major shortcoming; they are transient. Trying to steady a perception is like trying to catch the wind in your hand.


To succeed in life, there are three things that you will need; and these are like the prism – absolute, adamant, intractable facts of life that are not changed or moved by perceptions and perspectives.


1. Life demands that we be amenable to change

Nothing will ever change in your life until you change! This truth is so fundamental that it forces people to go to school and later engage in lifelong learning.


If you really desire to have a different life than the one you are living, you will have to make adjustments.


It’s proven that for one to become an expert in any field, they need to put in not less than 10,000 hours of practice.


The result is that one becomes a sought-after expert; and their services attract top fees. But to put in the needed 10,000 hours, you will need to make adjustments in your life. You will need to read. You may have to go back to school. You may have to study late into the night. You may need to volunteer as an intern, and so and so on.


An artist once said in a song: if you really want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. If you really desire change in your life, then you need to, in Michael Jackson’s words, take a look at yourself and make a change.


Nothing will change until you change. You are the one absolute denominator that you can depend on in life. You may not be absolutely sure about anything else in life, but you can be absolutely sure about yourself; and how you respond to life’s absolutes.


2. Life demands that you make choices

Someone once said that choices have consequences. There are many choices out there; but it’s the ones that you make that ultimately determine how your life pans out.


Whenever you make a choice to follow this or that path in your life, you are drawing an indelible line on the ground that you will go that way no matter what.


Making a choice helps to keep you grounded. In a world of distractions such as the one we are in, it’s very easy to spread yourself too thin by attempting to do everything; or by trying to please everyone.


Choose today what you want to commit to and afterwards diligently follow after the choices you have made. There may be so many things you could excel in, but attempting to do all of them at the same time will only end up spreading your focus too thin – and a divided focus is a sure recipe for failure.


Remember, you will become what you do often. Choose a life passion and stick with it until you attain success.


3. Life demands that we take chances

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:11 that time and chance happen to everyone. Whether you are strong or weak, rich or poor, swift or sluggish; time and chance will happen to you.


As long as you are alive, opportunities will come your way. What you do with those opportunities will however determine whether you succeed or fail.


It has been said that opportunities come once in life. I beg to differ. I am of the opinion that the door to opportunity swings two ways – in and out.


You may have missed an opportunity that you had passionately waited for; but if you hold on long enough, that hitherto missed opportunity will come swinging back at you.


The only reason you may have failed in the past could be perhaps because an opportunity came clothed in dirt and work while you were looking for a sparkling effortless chance.


In life, most opportunities are hidden behind layers and layers of dirt. You have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and repeal those layers to reveal the hidden treasure inside.


As you trudge along the journey to success, remember that every day presents you with a choice and a chance to change your perspective. And the reason why this happens is so that you can recognize and seize the opportunities that often jump in your path.


And if by any chance you miss an opportunity, perhaps because you were not prepared for it when it first came your way, stay alert; for very soon that same, or an even bigger opportunity, will come swinging back at you.

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