How to Create Your Reality Distortion Field

Abraham Lincoln once said that “the best way to predict the future is to create it”.

The only way you can be one-hundred per cent unstoppable is to create whatever it is you want to see in your future.

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc founder is said to have enthralled designers at Apple with his ability to visually describe the company’s future products. One of the company’s designers Bud Tribble first used the term reality distortion field (RDF) in 1981 to describe

Steve Jobs’ ability to create an alternate reality and then, using his charisma, suck in everyone in the room into his reality distortion field.

According to Tribble, the term had its origin from Star Trek and was used to refer to how aliens in the Menagerie episode would create their brand new world through sheer “mental force”.

By the time Steve Jobs died on 5th October 2011, the reality distortion field he had created in the 1980s had started to take root.

In a report by Fortune 500 that year, Apple Inc. was placed at no. 20 in a list of the most profitable companies in the world; ten slots behind its perennial rival, Bill Gates owned Microsoft Inc.

Four years later in 2015, Fortune 500 had Apple Inc at the top of its list with $53.4 billion in profits. Steve Jobs reality distortion field of the 1980s had become a tangible reality for all to see.

Long after he had passed on, he had managed to create the future for everyone else to see – the only difference was that he had already stepped into this reality over a decade before it became an everyone reality.

Each one of us has the ability to create their RDF. And while this concept may feel to some like a very difficult one to grasp, it’s actually a very common practice among successful people.

Successful people don’t see the world as it is; but as they dream it to be. They then go out of their way to ensure that their dreams come true. In most instances however, they realize that for their dream to come true, they need to incorporate others in it as well.

So they create a reality so compelling and visually real that people, resources and networks are sucked in; aiding them to achieve their dream.

There is actually a biblical foundation for the ability to create an alternate reality. And it’s called faith – the ability to call things that are not as though they are.

By definition, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1). In fact, the Bible goes on to say that the impossible becomes possible when we project into the realm of faith.

Our ability to create an alternate reality, what the world would call a reality distortion field, must be informed by a dissatisfaction with our current status quo.

If your current situation is your ideal, then perhaps you may not be interested in creating a better future than the life you already have.

But if, like most people, there is a longing in you for greatness and influence, then you will definitely find yourself angling for a better future – and the best way to predict the future is to create it!

To create the future you want everyone to see, you must first see it in your mind. And this is not just a simple mental exercise – you need to invite all your senses into your mind and actually feel, smell and touch, in your mind, the future you want to create.

The images, sounds, words, emotions and feelings of the future you want to create must be so vivid in your mind that when you describe it to others (casting the vision), you actually create a new world for them, drawing them into what at that time may appear like a reality distortion field.

And if this visualized future scenario, often referred to as a vision, is compelling and indelibly described and painted in the minds of the audience, it then becomes a question of when the actual tangible reality will come to pass, and not whether it will be realized.

Your life should not be defined by what you see through your physical eyes. Your mental eyes, or as I would put it, your eyes of faith, should give you the clearest full dimension version of the man or woman that you were created to be.

You must start to see yourself through the eyes of potential and purpose; and beyond that through the eyes of the one who created you. Always remember that nobody else knows the value and potential of a product better than the person who created it.

I believe that we were all created for greatness. However, we have limited our reach by allowing the opinions of others cloud our judgment and prevent us from taking the steps we should to create the future we are so thirsty for.

As you pursue your dreams, always remember that dreamland is a border-less territory. You can dream as big as you want and at the end of your dream, you will still find more room.

Our purpose has no expiry date. If we live our purpose during our lifetime, daily expanding its reach and scope, it will keep on speaking long after we are gone.

I invite you to start creating an alternate reality from what you currently see. Visualize yourself creating a future so compelling that you will be motivated on a daily basis to do what needs to be done to make that future a present reality.

But you must travel into your future now! You must see it as it is (not as it will be). You should then start reconstructing it until it becomes a reality for everyone to see! The trick here is not to work towards your future, but to work from your future. Go there and do all you can to bring it here.

And when your future becomes a present reality for all to see, go back to dreamland and create another reality distortion field; over and over again.

Welcome to your reality distortion field!

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