How to bring order and multiplication in your life

If you have read The Secret or watched the documentary by the same title, then you know that what is touted as a closely guarded secret is The Law of Attraction.

But I have discovered an even better secret, perhaps even more compelling than the law of attraction.

The Law of Order and Balance

This is perhaps the greatest law there is in the universe. It is the law that actually perpetuates life, keeping everything in the universe in perfect order and balance.

Take a moment and look at the plants, the buildings, the rivers, the lakes, the animals, the grass, the undulating hills, plains, the architecture of everything around you, the patterns on the clothes you are wearing; there is an order and sequence about all of them.

The force of everything that crawls, swims, creeps, walks, flies or floats is embedded in how they are ordered and arranged.

Without order and balance, a plane cannot fly; and neither can a ship float on water.

The pattern of life

Look at everything around you right now. Do you notice a pattern?

Life is actually a pattern; a sequence of arrangements or events and happenings that determine how our lives turn out.

Whether it’s the pattern on the dress or shirt you are wearing; or the neatly arranged crops in the fields, or the birds flying in perfect formation; everything around us follows a pattern.

Even when we walk we unconsciously make patterns. The choices we make as to where we go, what we do, the books we read, how we communicate; in essence how we live our lives, tell story of an existence that fits into a perfect pattern.

The symmetry of life

Although it may not be obvious to those who are not alert to it, life has a rhythm and a pulse.

There is a symmetry and order about everything that surrounds us.

Consider a spider web and how it’s neatly and symmetrically crafted. Is the spider conscious of the masterpiece it’s creating as it weaves a web that not only traps but also hypnotizes its prey?

What about the neatly arranged and interwoven sunflower that boasts of radial symmetry?

In fact, anything that is beautiful and attractive has a breathtaking symmetry that gives the impression that someone put a lot of thought into designing it. And someone actually did!

The Order of Creation

The Bible opens with a very bold and emphatic statement: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The next words after the above statement describe what existed before God created the heaven and the earth: And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

While the first statement leaves no doubt as to who created heaven and the earth, the second statement describes exactly how chaotic the earth was before God created it: dark, formless and empty.

In other words, the earth was disorderly and chaotic before God moved in to bring it to order.

There was no pattern and symmetry to the earth. It was a dark, ugly and disjointed world that felt empty and formless; until God formed it.

You are a masterpiece

To leverage the power of the universe, we should ensure that the pattern and symmetry of our lives reinforce our dreams and aspirations.

We cannot remain focused on our goals if our lives lack symmetry and pattern; or if our thought patterns limit or curtail our progress.

At the same time, our lives must be structured in such a way that when we finally attain our dreams, the world will not only be mesmerized by the masterpieces we produce, but more importantly by the masterpiece that we have become.

Like a perfect spider web, live your life in such a way that the world will gasp as you excel in your purpose.

Oh, what a masterpiece you have become!

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