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Innocent Mwangi
Innocent Mwangi

Hi There,

I would like to apply for any writing, re-writing or editorial job you may have. I have the required experience and aptitude to do the work.

I love creativity; really do! I write for clarity and impact. Writing is a passion. I really enjoy writing.

I have published many articles online on a range of topics: real estate, motivation, inspiration and personal development. I also love writing step-by-step how-to articles.

I have done more than 60 rewriting and writing gigs for clients on Fiverr and Upwork – and they are all happy with my work.

Some of my work has been published in offline magazines and daily papers in Kenya. I can arrange to forward samples to you upon request.

Besides, I am a qualified editor with over 15 years experience working for different organizations in Kenya.

I consider my English language skills to be way above average; almost nibbling at the expert level. Well, my country was colonized by the British; and they forced us to learn English from kindergarten level 🙂

I punctuate with ease and apply correct grammar in the right places: minding the stop, the colon (full and semi); and even the dash ─ both the en-dash and the em-dash. I can write in a complex high-brow academese (but I won’t call a ‘hill’ a “geographical protuberance”); or in an easy flow that even a two-year-old can read and understand.

I have two university degrees: a BSc in Information Sciences and an MA in Communication Studies. Both of these qualifications focus on communication, knowledge, and information: three keywords that sum up my areas of strength. My goal is, therefore, to communicate information and knowledge as effectively as possible using words, symbols and idioms that convey the desired message with impact.

When you hire me, you will be hiring a professional who works with passion and diligence; and one who sticks to deadlines.

Besides, I am now 100% available for online jobs. So, I promise 100% focus and commitment to your work.

I am really looking forward to working you.


Innocent Mwangi
PS: Samples of my writings can be accessed at the following links. All the content in these links is my own writing over the years.
– Real Estate: http://kenyareal.com/category/blog/ less
– Motivation/Inspiration/Personal Development: http://www.mixxbook.com
– Articles published in online e-zines (do a Google search of “Innocent Mwangi”, “Innocent M Gathungu” or “Innocent Mwangi Gathungu”

To hire me, you can contact me directly at innocent@mwangi.org; or hire me via Fiverr or Upwork.

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