Happy People Do These 10 Things

The law of attraction is based on reciprocity. Whatever we send out always comes back to us.

Life is like a boomerang. What we send out comes back either to bless us; or to haunt us.

Happy people understand the law of attraction. They make sure to send out what they would love to receive.

Below are ten things happy people do that you may or may not be doing.

1. They express gratitude

Unlike unhappy people who find fault with everything, happy people are grateful for what they already have; even if it is not the ideal. They don’t grumble or complain but instead find a reason to be grateful for what they already have.

Being grateful does not mean they are resigned to their fate. To the contrary, they understand that to move on to the next level, they need to be grateful for the level they are currently on.

2. They Savor life

Happy people understand that the good things in life should be enjoyed slowly. They don’t rush in like fools rush. They take time to ingest every positive moment of life. When they love, they love deeply and patiently, savoring every shade of a happy moment.

Happy people take time to smell the coffee. They also don’t let the smell of a beautiful rose to waft away without taking a deep whiff.

In contrast, unhappy people miss the happy moments of life since they are preoccupied with  what Solomon calls a chasing after the wind (Ecc 1:14).

Unhappy people are so busy chasing after the wind that they forget to savor life as it unfolds. Happy people on the other hand capture every moment and milk as much joy and happiness from it as possible.

3. They set goals and commit to fulfilling them

Happy people abhor disorder and confusion. They set goals and commit to attain them no matter what butts up against them.

When people fail to fulfill their goals, they become miserable, grumpy and very negative. Such people are very septic to be around. Happy people avoid them like a plague.

4. They are positive

In life; in every situation, whether positive or negative, you can always make a choice to remain positive, or negative.

Happy people always look for the silver lining in every cloud. And when they can’t see the moon on a dark starry night, they shoot for the stars.

Unhappy people on the other hand complain that the night is too dark; and instead of shooting for the stars, they grumble about the darkness all night long.

During the day when the sun rays are too hot, happy people look for a shade while unhappy people complain that it’s too hot.

Happy people amplify every positive moment while at the same time seeking to turn every negative episode into a positive experience.

5. They don’t over-think

Some people can think a subject to death.

To happy people, nothing is such a big deal. They understand that most of what people worry about actually never happens.

And even when things don’t go as expected, they understand that mourning and harbouring sour grapes only makes matters worse.

Rather than dwell on how bad things have turned out, they instead take solace in the fact that it could have been worse. So they brush off the shortcomings and soldier on towards their goals.

6. They don’t compare themselves with others

One sure way of derailing progress is when we compare and contrast ourselves with others.

When we do so we may find ourselves coming short; for in life there will be others who will shine ever more brightly than we do.

Happy people understand that those who have gone before them have paved the way so that they too can attain success.

In short, happy people are comfortable with who they are, even as they positively appreciate those who have accomplished more than them.

They applaud the success of others without allowing envy to get in the way of their success.

7. They are focused on what they do best

Happy people don’t allow distractions to interfere with the pursuit of their goals. They are unflinchingly focused and intensely engaged in the pursuit of their dreams.

Happy people are not sloppy; they diligently and consistently apply themselves to the tasks at hand while at the same time keeping their eyes focused on the goal. When distractions come their way, they brush them aside and keep trudging towards their overriding goal.

8. They establish and nature empowering relationships

Happy people are not lone rangers. They understand the power of working and networking with others. They therefore establish deep and meaningful relationships that embolden them to reach for the stars.

Happy people are infectious by their warmth and compassion. They genuinely love to see others succeed. They do not seek to succeed on the backs of others. Instead they bend over for others to use them as leverage so they can attain their goals. And in helping others attain their goals, they too attain theirs.

9. They are givers

The happiest people in the world are also givers.

There is something about giving that releases in us a positive energy that acts like a magnet. Facebook and other networks understand the powerful force of giving. That is why they have the ‘share’ link because they know if they can get everyone on their network to share, they will experience exponential growth. And they have.

The whole idea of viral posts is based on a basic human habit – that of sharing.

10. They are kind

Kindness melts every opposition.

Happy people sow kindness unsparingly and without discrimination. They may not agree with some people, but they show kindness to them anyway.

These are the kind of people who will ‘like’ your post on Facebook even when they don’t agree with its content just so as not to offend you. They understand that no act of kindness goes to waste; it always comes back to the giver with compounded positive effect.

Today you can embark on the journey to living a happy life by living like all happy people do. Whatever circumstance happy people find themselves in, they seek to do to others what they would like to be done to them.

So, don’t worry; be happy!!

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