Focus: The Power of leveraged effort and time

Clyde Beatty Taming A Lion

Oprah Winfrey was once quoted saying: “whatever you focus on expands”.


By definition, the word focus means “to pay particular attention to”.


Oprah WinfreyPlease re-read the above two statements again. You will understand why I insist as you read on.


As I mentioned in an earlier article on this blog, I am a preacher of the Word of God; and unapologetically so. What this means is that I constantly make reference to The Bible in my writings.


In Mark 12:30 Jesus is reported to have told his disciples to love the Lord their God “with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”


In short, He was telling them to focus, or pay particular attention to loving God.


In life, you will find that your greatest achievements lie in the area you focus on. And the more things you try to do at the same time, the more you lose your focus.


We can learn a wonderful lesson from Clyde Beatty, a former circus entertainer who became extremely famous for his ability to tame caged lions.


What is instructive is that Clyde managed to live a long life at a time when most of his contemporaries ended up being shredded into pieces by lions during their acts. Clyde was over sixty years old when cancer took his life.


His secret to success in the cage entailed holding a four-legged chair in front of a lion, or any animal for that matter. The poor lion would try to focus on all four legs of the chair at the same time, an impossible task!


Unable to focus on all four legs, the lion would become confused and freeze, unable to attack Clyde.


It is said that, at most, one can focus on three things at the same time; and that is still stretching it! The most ideal situation is to identify one thing that you are good at, and passionate about, and then marshal all your efforts behind it.


Most people fail not because they are incapable of success, but because they spread themselves too thin by trying to focus on too many ‘legs’. In the end, like the poor lion, they end up getting confused and ultimately freeze.


I have been a victim of this sure recipe for failure in the past; and I was almost crushed by overwhelm and inaction until it dawned on me that I was attempting to do too many things at the same time.


Those who succeed online have one thing in common; and that is their ability to focus their effort and time on what they are good at.


The beauty of focus is that with time you become an expert, an authority in whatever you’ve chosen to concentrate on.


And the wonderful thing is that when you become an expert, you attract goodness and success to yourself without much effort.


The coaching business is actually a spin-off from focus. Those who become experts after focusing on whatever they are good at ultimately become the envy of everyone. All of a sudden people come to you for mentorship and coaching – and all you have to do is to guide them on how to be successful.


Eric Worre

Network marketing gurus such as Eric Worre started out just like you and me, trying their best to make affiliate commissions from this or that network marketing company as distributors – and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.


However, I can bet my last dollar that Eric is making more money teaching others how to become network marketing professionals than he ever made during his heydays in network marketing.Β And don’t you even get me started on what he charges for coaching and mentorship besides revenues from subscriptions, endorsements and adverts on his website.


Right now if you google ‘Eric Worre’, his Network Marketing Pro website would be number one on the search results. His website and the coaching he offers therein is his number one focus (what he pays particular attention to); and this is what makes him successful!


This is what he says about himself on his website: “Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for 28 years. Although he’s now retired from being a distributor and focused exclusively on Network Marketing Pro …”.


Hmmm… retired my foot! The guy is as fit as a fiddle; and as sharp and witty as they come. But, read the above paragraph again, “he is retired from being a distributor and is focused exclusively on Network Marketing Pro.


And it is not just Eric Worre. Examples of other internet marketing gurus abound.


David Wood

There is this guy called David Wood of Empower Network who,in one of his videos says he grosses over $200 million in sales turnover a year. But I bet he makes more in coaching and mentorship (his area of focus) than he does through endorsements and direct sales.


Oh well! Lets forget Eric and David and focus on YOU.


As the light of clarity focuses on you, what one thing do you think you are good at; and passionate about? What do you enjoy doing most? What keeps, or is likely to keep you awake at night through sheer excitement?


Re-read that previous statement until you fully grasp its importance. Got it?




Once you have found out what you are good at, and passionate about; the next obvious step would be to get your own website and start blogging on subjects related to your area of focus. After that, the next step will naturally progress from there.


You can also save yourself a lot of heartache, time and money if you select at most two network marketing companies and then put all your efforts into promoting their products.


Now, rewind all the way to the paragraph before the above. I said what you do after setting up your website will come naturally. As you blog in your area of passion and ability, your website or blog will attract more and more traffic. These are people just like you, who are passionate to learn from equally passionate people (wink) like me πŸ™‚


As they go through your blog, they will also look around to see what else is interesting (just like you are doing; or about to do).


It is then that they will happen to see links to your favorite network marketing companies; or google adsense ads strategically embedded on your website. And because they now trust you, chances are they will click on those links and join your team. And that can only be good πŸ™‚


Remember what I said at the beginning of this article?


What you focus on expands.


And that is the bottom line!


PS: Thanks for reading this far. It’s the longest blog I have written this far – but it’s the most important.

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