Dare to be a Lion: The Roar Factor for Success

All cats were created equal.

Well, not quite.

There are some cat species that are distinct; not by their ability to claw, but by their propensity to roar.

Lions and tigers are distinct in that they have the ability to roar. Yes, the two cats are mean, fast and ferocious animals; but it is their roar that petrifies their prey more than anything else.

It is said that a lion or a tiger’s roar can reach 114 decibels. Now, to put this into perspective, think about the sound made by a gas-powered lawn mower. A lion or a tiger’s roar is 25 times louder!

But why do lions roar?

You see, the lions’ influence and control over a certain territory is largely dependent on the depth and length of their roar. And they mostly roar at night because sound travels faster and further at night when the air is thinner. It is this roar that warns other lions that a certain territory is out of bounds for them.

Our vocal cords are not so different from those of the king of the jungle; however our reach is shorter and our sound softer than that of a lion. And I thank God for His wisdom in ensuring that we don’t roar as lions do (imagine the 7 billion of us roaring intermittently).

Successful people have learned the art of the lion’s roar. Whatever they put their minds to do, they make sure that it roars far and wide.

They don’t paint with weak faint strokes; but with bold strong strokes that warn their would-be competitors that they are in charge.

Timid people on the other hand can barely be heard; only letting out a whimper instead of a roar. As a result, they feel intimidated by successful people. Rather than boldly pursue their purpose without fear, they sulk and settle for the convenient or insignificant; at times giving up altogether.

Successful people do not allow noise or distractions to blindside them. Instead they shout above the din and ensure that their voice is heard.

To achieve significance in this life, one has to be bold and courageous. This is especially important because, by nature, mankind is a competitive being; and there are always others bent on usurping influence and capturing territories that are not in their control.

If you don’t stand your ground and dig in, you will soon be shunted by other ‘lions’ that are not necessarily more powerful than you.

You need to take decisive massive action that introduces itself to your world with a bang; not a whimper. But it is not just taking action that is important, knowing when to take this action is even more important. The lion knows that a roar in the deep of the night is louder and travels further and faster than it would normally do during the day.

To make a statement or achieve significance in this life, one has to be strategic; just as the lion is.

Being strategic will at time mean that you retreat to recoup before coming back stronger, more effective. At other times you will need to scale back on some non-core activities in favor of shoring up your resources towards you greatest goal.

Strategy involves making decisions that are unpopular or unfavorable in the short term as a trade-off for grander ground shaking long term goals that have the potential to roar further and louder for the benefit of all.

Strategy alone may however not get you to your desired destination. Your value proposition of the product or service you seek to offer must be distinct from anything else in the market.

Lions do not all roar the same. Each lion’s roar is unique. It identifies which lion is calling out at a particular time. But once a lion has identified it’s trademark roar, it’s next step is to extend the reach of that roar; gaining as much territory as its roar speeds across the plains. It’s not called the King of the Jungle for nothing: its roar demarcates its empire.

We were all created to accomplish something great; to leave a lasting imprint on the universe. We may look, like all lions do, alike on the outside, but when we let our lives be guided by purpose, we become distinctly unique and powerful – surprising even ourselves as our potential roars into the universe.

And when we roar, the Bible says: “[our] roar is like that of the lion, they roar like young lions; they growl as they seize their prey and carry it off with no one to rescue” Isaiah 5: 29. An entire universe cannot stop a man pursuing his purpose.

It’s time to step out of your insignificant comfort zone and boldly start demarcating your place in the universe. With purpose as your guiding compass, step out boldly and let out a roar that will pierce through the darkest night; unmistakably letting everyone know that this is your territory.

Shake off the fear that so often immobilizes and, like a lion, determine to be heard above the din and cacophony of life’s competing vicissitudes.

To recap, a few takeaway lessons from the lion:

  1. You need to know your purpose in life; your raison d’être. What on earth are you here for? This is important since you don’t want to spend your entire life expending your energy, time and resources in the wrong or a misdirected purpose.
  2. Once you identify your why, you need to be as bold and as courageous as a lion in pursuing your purpose. If you are anything but, other lions will overrun you. This is not time for you to hold back or step aside for others to pass. It’s your time to expand the breadth and reach of your dream by purposefully and emphatically demarcating your territory. No excuses here. No dwelling on what people may think or say about you. It’s your time to roar; and to soar.
  3. You don’t only need sheer strength and might, you need to be strategic in how you channel your greatest assets. Maximize on your greatest strength by applying it when you are most likely to achieve the most profound impact.
  4. Lastly, you must find a niche within your purpose that makes you unique. There must be something that is uniquely you to the extent that when you ‘roar’, everyone recognizes your brand. This is the place to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. Stand up and stand out. Let the entire universe know that you have arrived; and this time round you will not be denied.

Seize the moment!! Dare to be a lion!

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