Change yourself, change your life. Avoid the 5 Enemies of Success.

Are you fed up with your life?

Well, if you are, you have a right to be. And you should be.

Because you are the problem!!

You see, the greatest enemy of your success is YOU!

Yep! You!

For your life to change, there is one common denominator that you have full control of – YOU!

You cannot change others; you can’t even change their perception about you. But you can change you.

Look at it this way. You have 24 hours in a day! This is the same number of hours that Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have.

The only difference between you and success is not time (because God has dealt time to each one of us).

The only difference between you and success is how you spend your time.

And this is the secret of all success!

The thing about time is that it’s transient. It never sits down. It never stands up. It never sleeps. And, most importantly, it never comes back. It does not have a rewind button. It keeps on moving!

If you don’t move with the time you have. If you don’t withdraw from the time you’ve been dealt by ensuring that you add value to it, then time will just move on without making any impact on your life.

Always ask yourself this question: what impact can I get from the time I have to make a difference in my life? The other question you should ask yourself is: what value can I get out of the time I have?

These questions are the road-map that will lead you to success in any field you may feel passionate about. Time well spent always leaves us with a deposit of value and impact.

Time is the only universal currency with which we can withdraw whatever value we want to add to our lives.

For you to live a life of impact and meaning, you will need to start maximizing the time you have been dealt.

You will have to overcome a number of challenges that will surely try to prevent you from using time effectively.

I will list a few of them below. But there are more out there. However, their main aim is to stop you from succeeding. Here they are.


This is one of the greatest enemies of time you will encounter in life. The tendency to put off what you should do now to a future date is a sure deathblow to success. When you procrastinate on what you know is required for success, you are in essence sabotaging yourself and your success. Just stop procrastinating and do what must be done now; however unpleasant or difficult the task may be.


Unlike procrastination, hesitation is subtle. Picture this! You are in a meeting with a bunch of executives. There is a problem that everyone is struggling to solve. You know the answer but you hesitate to shoot up your hand and speak. As you hesitate, someone speaks out and receives a thunderous applause for saying exactly what you had in mind. That applause could have been yours. But you hesitated. Time, however, moves on, and that opportunity will never come back – not in the same form.


Closely aligned to hesitation is doubt. You don’t have the confidence to believe you have what it takes to succeed. So you don’t act. Doubt, like procrastination, is an instant killer of success.


Fear, like procrastination, paralyzes to the point of immobilizing you. However, fear by itself is not bad. In fact, rather than shun fear, embrace it! After embracing it, count 5-4-3-2-1 and then, without hesitation, do the exact thing that you are afraid of. This simple trick will re-set your brain and ready it for action. You cannot overcome fear by avoiding it. You overcome fear by embracing it and depriving it of its power through action. 


This is perhaps the most tragic of all the enemies of success. This is because it can so easily be avoided. To not do what you are supposed to do to succeed just because you don’t feel like getting out of bed is a monumental tragedy. Most people suffer from a disease also known as laziness. There is nothing as tragic as knowing that you have everything it takes to succeed but you end up a failure just because you were such a bum!

Success is attainable for everyone. It is within your reach. But whether you achieve it or not depends on how you spend the time that God has given to you.

Always remember that the only common denominator for success, or failure, is you; nothing more, nothing less.

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