Christmas 2017

Christmas is just around the corner. Homes and businesses are already spruced up for this auspicious season. Excitement is in the air! All troubles and heartaches are forgotten. The smiles are wider; and the laughter louder… everywhere.   The purse strings are loose as the ‘spirit’ of Christmas softens the hardest of hearts. It’s a
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Share your way to happiness

Have you ever noticed how most people appear to be always on edge? Consider the driver across the lane wearing a fixed grim expression on his or her face; or that lady frowning at you just because your eyes have just accidentally met. I invite you to take time to look at people’s faces and
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  I would rather die of passion than of boredom. ~Vincent van Gogh You go about life nonchalantly! Nothing seems to excite you anymore. You were once passionate but now you drift along with a seemingly fixed smile pasted on your face.   People think you have it all together. But this is because they
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