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7 Micro-acts: The power of taking small steps towards your dream

If you are like most progressive people, you have big dreams; very grandiose dreams!   It’s is actually admirable to have dreams that are big and ostentatious.   However, having a big dream and living it are two different scenarios. To just dream and never take the actions required to actualize your dreams is like living in utopia – an Read More

Change your life

Change yourself, change your life. Avoid the 5 Enemies of Success.

Are you fed up with your life?   Well, if you are, you have a right to be. And you should be.   Because you are the problem!!   You see, the greatest enemy of your success is YOU!   Yep! You!   For your life to change, there is one common denominator that you have full control of – Read More

Share your way to happiness

Share Your Way to Happiness, Health and Wealth

Have you ever noticed how most people appear to be always on edge?   Consider the driver across the lane wearing a fixed grim expression on his or her face; or that lady frowning at you just because your eyes have just accidentally met.   I invite you to take time to look at people’s faces and you will realize Read More


5 Steps to rekindling your passion

  I would rather die of passion than of boredom. ~Vincent van Gogh You go about life nonchalantly! Nothing seems to excite you anymore. You were once passionate but now you drift along with a seemingly fixed smile pasted on your face.   People think you have it all together. But this is because they really don’t care enough to Read More

5 tips on emotional stability

5 Tips on How To Maintain Emotional Stability

How do you react when your world is turned upside down, especially by the people you love?   How do you stay steady when a storm is raging inside you after someone did or said something nasty to you?   There are millions of people right now going through the emotion of hurt.   Each one of us, including myself, Read More

Jack Ma

Jack Ma’s 10-Point Success Road-map

One of the richest people in the world was in my city, Nairobi, this week.   His name is Jack Ma, the 23rd richest person in the world according to Forbes List of the wealthiest people.   During Jack Ma’s visit, he gave a scintillating talk on what it takes to succeed in life.   Coming from a poor background, Read More

3 Cs of Life

Life Hacks: 3 Things You Can Do To Succeed In Life

There are some fundamentals facts of life that you cannot change.   You can skirt around them, ignore them, or even deny them until the heavens come down.   For instance, you cannot change the fact that you live in a universe that’s so perfectly designed and arraigned that no small or Big Bang could have created it.   Indisputably, Read More

from doubt to certainty

How to move from doubt to certainty

What would you do if you were 100% certain that if you keep doing what you are doing you will succeed?   My guess is that you will move heaven and earth if you have to. You will be unstoppable, motivated and steadfastly directed.   When you are certain, setbacks don’t faze you. Discouragements don’t distract you. In short, whether Read More