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Innocent Mwangi is a communications and social media expert with vast experience in internet marketing, editing, copy writing, rewriting and web design. He is also a prolific preacher and motivational speaker and writer. If you are looking to establish or enhance your social media brand, or you need help with your communications strategy, feel free to contact him at He can also be contacted for preaching and motivational speaking engagements.

victim versus a victor mentality

Are you a Victim or a Victor?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those with a victor mentality and those with a victim mentality.   Re-read the above paragraph.   I did not say that the world has victors and victims; but rather people with a victor or a victim mentality.   Who you become, the sum total of your life, is largely dependent Read More

be unstoppable

How To Be Unstoppable In What You Do Best

What if you had absolute assurance that you will realize your dream? That no matter what comes your way, victory is certain.   What if you could be unstoppable! What if you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that no matter what happens, the only result you will get is success?   Imagine living a life where there is no Read More

Roar into your destiny

Dare to be a Lion: The Roar Factor for Success

All cats were created equal.   Well, not quite.   There are some cat species that are distinct; not by their ability to claw, but by their propensity to roar.   Lions and tigers are distinct in that they have the ability to roar. Yes, the two cats are mean, fast and ferocious animals; but it is their roar that Read More

Painting by Christine Krainock

Painting your universe with the bold stroke of purpose

There is something in all of us that is greater, more powerful and significant than even our own estimation of who we are.   The late Myles Monroe understood this fact all too well. It astounded him that so many people go on about life as if they had no purpose. And yet, in Munroe’s words, ” The greatest tragedy Read More

Three Mental Barriers to Success

The battle for success or failure is right now being waged in your mind.   This is a battle like you have never seen or read about in your life before.   And the reason why I am saying this is because the enemy you are up against is you! And the tragedy is, up until now, you had no Read More

what will people say

Stop Playing Safe! Remove the Fences Around Your Dreams

I have been a victim of a disease I now call ‘playing safe‘.   You see, I had put hedges all around my life, my dreams and anything else in my life that matters.   And these fences were not meant to protect the good that was already in; but in essence they were safeguards for filtering through ‘what people Read More

law of attraction

Secret of the Law of Attraction

The universe has a way of rewarding us; or punishing us depending on what we set our minds to attract.   The one greatest asset that God gave us is a mind – a sound mind for that matter (2 Timothy 1:7). It is at this area of our being; the mind, that we win or loose.   And the Read More

Clyde Beatty Taming A Lion

Focus: The Power of leveraged effort and time

Oprah Winfrey was once quoted saying: “whatever you focus on expands”.   By definition, the word focus means “to pay particular attention to”.   Please re-read the above two statements again. You will understand why I insist as you read on.   As I mentioned in an earlier article on this blog, I am a preacher of the Word of Read More