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Innocent Mwangi is a communications and social media expert with vast experience in internet marketing, editing, copy writing, rewriting and web design. He is also a prolific preacher and motivational speaker and writer. If you are looking to establish or enhance your social media brand, or you need help with your communications strategy, feel free to contact him at He can also be contacted for preaching and motivational speaking engagements.

5 Reasons to finding your purpose

5 Reasons Why You Need To Know Your Life Purpose

Do you know your life purpose; or your life path as some would call it?   Although I don’t know the percentage of people in the world who know their life’s purpose – why they are on planet earth – the consensus is that few people know their life’s purpose.   To live and not live your purpose is to Read More

Roger Bannister

7 Keys to unlock your mind and unleash your full potential

In 1954, a young man called Roger Bannister blasted off the starting blocks to break the 4-minute mile record.   Up to that time, no one believed that such a feat was even possible. And consequently no one broke the record; because no one believed it could be broken; until Roger Bannister brought down the barriers and demonstrated to all Read More

How to unfreeze your mind

4 Things You Can Do To Unfreeze Your Brain and Get it Working as It should

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel lethargic, unmotivated, uninspired?   Do you find yourself lacking the drive to perform the tasks that you need to perform; and yet you know these very tasks are crucial to taking you to your goals; and ultimately to your purpose?   Most people equate success to wealth: how much money they earn Read More

the distinct rhythm of success

The Distinct Rhythm of Success

Success is predicated on rhythm – Bishop T.D. Jakes   Everything in life has a rhythm!   There is a beat, a pulse and a frequency to everything we see around us.   The geese flying in formation produce a rhythm as they flap their wings; an action that breaks the intensity of their flight and reduces wind resistance by Read More

Avoid toxic people

How to Deal with Negative People

Do you constantly encounter negative people in your life?   Let me answer the above question for you: yes, you do!   The world is full of negative people – and negative media as well.   We all have negative friends and family members who always seem to find a reason to burst our bubble whenever we encounter them. This Read More

connected universe

Love and order: the basic connectors of life

All of life is about connections. We are all connected.   Think of yourself as a link in the entire universe. You are connected to the universe in ways that you may never understand.   The moment you understand that everything and everyone in the universe is connected to you, you will start harnessing the immense energy and leverage that Read More

how happy people live

Happy People Do These 10 Things

The law of attraction is based on reciprocity. Whatever we send out always comes back to us.   Life is like a boomerang. What we send out comes back either to bless us; or to haunt us.   Happy people understand the law of attraction. They make sure to send out what they would love to receive.   Below are Read More

You are great just being you

You are Great Just Being You

What if you came to the end of your life only to realize you never lived it; that you never attained your fullest potential because you spent your life trying to be someone else other than you?   How would that make you feel?   Most of us spend a lot of time trying to be someone or something else Read More