7 Micro-acts: The power of taking small steps towards your dream

If you are like most progressive people, you have big dreams; very grandiose dreams!

It’s is actually admirable to have dreams that are big and ostentatious.

However, having a big dream and living it are two different scenarios. To just dream and never take the actions required to actualize your dreams is like living in utopia – an imaginary world that only exists in your mind.

The ability to dream is inspired by an inherent potential in each of us that cries out for greatness.

As the Hollywood actress, Lupita Nyong’o, once said while accepting a Grammy Award for her role in Twelve Years A Slave, whatever your dreams maybe, they are ‘valid’.

The problem most of us have is not in the ability to dream big dreams. No. It is the tendency to procrastinate on actions that will make our dreams a reality.

I have identified seven dream-stoppers or dream-crashers that you should avoid if you really want your dreams to become a reality.

These seven are, in my considered opinion, the main stumbling blocks to taking the actions required to achieve your goals in life.


1. Over-thinking

Some people can think a subject to death. While thinking is a noble thing to do, dwelling too much on what you need to do to succeed and never taking the actions required to succeed is a sure dream killer.

Some people are stuck in their minds not because they don’t have the ability to act, but because they try to figure out every angle of a project before they take action.

In most cases you will never have all the answers. You may even be a bit hesitant of the viability of a project.

But you cannot succeed by just figuring out the million ways of doing something. You can however spend your time more productively by just launching with what you’ve got. The rest you will figure out along the way.

The best way to begin something is to take the first step. Just count five seconds; 5-4-3-2-1 and then launch!


2. Dwelling on the big picture

Taking small incremental steps consistently over a prolonged period of time is what will ultimately bring your dreams into reality.

Most people are incapacitated to the point of inaction just because they want to achieve everything at once. Your dream may be big, and it should be, but trying to achieve it all at once is impossible.

Stop looking at everything that is needed to make your dreams a reality. This will overwhelm you and ultimately lead you into inaction.

Instead, take little steps forward every day and you will soon embrace your dreams.

And when you stumble and fall, just pick yourself up and keep moving forward, one little step at a time.


3. Procrastination

The tendency by most people to put off important tasks to a later date is another sure dream-crasher.

You need to develop a ritual of acting when you are supposed to without giving any excuse. Most often the tasks that need to be done may not be exciting; but they must be done when they should be done.

Make sure you have clearly defined goals and ensure that you do whatever tasks are needed to get you to those goals – and then onward to your dreams.

If you have to procrastinate, procrastinate on tasks that are not critical to the attainment of your goals. But if a task needs to be done today, now; don’t delay, do it today, do it now!


4. Desire for absolute certainty

The reality of life is that you may never attain absolute certainty or total conviction.

If you are waiting to be 100% certain so that you can start the journey towards your dream, you may as well give up right now. You will never be consistently absolutely certain all the time.

Sometimes you will have doubts and even feel uninspired to act. But these are the times that you should forge ahead even more boldly. If adjustments are needed, you will figure how to make them as you move along.

Of course certainty is important, but don’t wait until all the parts are in perfect alignment for you to move ahead. However, once you start moving, proceed as though you have absolute certainty.


5. Lethargy

Laziness is another sure-killer of dreams. Laziness and lethargy are at the root of inaction and therefore failure.

You need to be motivated and self-driven for you to get ahead. You need to ‘force’ yourself to act even when you can come up with a thousand reasons of why you should just lie on the couch.

If there is one thing that will kill your dreams faster than all the other dream crashers, laziness is it!


6. Distractions

Today’s wired society is awash with distractions. The social media and the Internet are among the major distractors today.

The problem with distractions is that they make us lose focus or have divided attention.

You cannot afford to be distracted while pursuing your dream. You need to be all in! All hands on deck!


7. Not setting clear smart goals

If you don’t have a plan to get to your dream, then most likely you will not get there.

Attaining your dreams demands that you set clear smart goals that act as a yardstick or road-map to your dream destination.

Most people attempt to achieve their big dreams without a clear road-map on how they intend to achieve them.

To set out towards your dream without first setting goals is like embarking on a journey without a clue as to which route to take to get you there.

I believe that you are wired for greatness. And no matter how grandiose your dreams may be, if you follow these seven steps, your dreams will not only be valid, but they will also come true someday.

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