5 Steps to rekindling your passion


I would rather die of passion than of boredom. ~Vincent van Gogh

5 Steps To Rekindling Your Passion

You go about life nonchalantly! Nothing seems to excite you anymore. You were once passionate but now you drift along with a seemingly fixed smile pasted on your face.


People think you have it all together. But this is because they really don’t care enough to look past the cosmetic smile and into the furrows on your face that are slightly obscured by makeup and grooming.


But anyone who cares to go past your plastic bland face can clearly see your absence of passion and disinterest about life.


You were not always this indifferent about life. There was a time when your face lit up more brightly than the sun. A time when your night-time was plastered with a billion stars, radiantly illuminating whatever darkness that tried to enter your life.


You were passionate about life! You ate life with a big spoon. You danced at the slightest hint of rhythm. You pursued your dream with passion to the point where it actually became your passion.


There was a time when people flocked around you. They clutched on every word that rolled out of your mouth. Even when your words didn’t make sense to them, they didn’t care; they just loved being around you. Your passion was infectious. You were irresistible. You were unstoppable!


Then it happened!


All of a sudden the light flickered, fluttered, and then it snuffed out.


Just like that!


The passion was gone. In came the darkness; the boredom, the disinterest. The stars and the sun that once lit your life; and the friends that once found you irresistible, disappeared. Gone!


And here you are. Without hope. Without purpose. Without passion.


I want to be an encouragement to you. To let you know that you can rekindle the passion that you once had. You can illuminate your life once again by following the following five steps.


Trust me; you will not only feel better about yourself, but you will also attract everything that you lost; and more.


1. Stop what you are doing

Simply give yourself a break. Go somewhere quiet. Don’t even carry a book to read. Just carry a blank notebook and a pen. Go sit by the ocean shore and watch the waves ebb to and fro.


Most of the time we go through life at such breathtaking speeds that we don’t stop to enjoy the perfect order of life; the beauty of nature, the symmetry of life; and all the splendor that dot every part of the universe.


In short, stop what you are doing and appreciate life. Forget about the mundane tasks that you left behind. Forget about the commitments and responsibilities in your life. For just a while, just be you.


2. Remember what made you tick

I need you to take a trip back in time. This should be a short trip. As you time travel backwards, see what used to make you happy. What made you so passionate about life that you were simply unstoppable. What were the sights and sounds of your life back then. See yourself as you were then; the people in your life; the victories you achieved; the laughter and the joy. Like I said, this is going to be a short trip. Take in as much as you can; and as quickly as possible. Now it’s time to come back to reality.


3. Stop looking back

The previous trip was for a reason. I wanted you to get closure with your past. I also wanted you to remember what laughter and joy feels like. But that’s all I need you to carry from the past. If you live in the past, you will be very lonely; because no one lives there anymore.


You cannot drive ahead while looking in the rear view mirror. Yesterday is gone; and tomorrow may not be yours. But you have now. You cannot live in the now if you are looking at the rear view mirror. It’s time to bury your past and move on.


4. Live in the now

The only time you are certain of is the present. Yes, we have hope for tomorrow; but right now we have certainty.


Most people fail to live life to the fullest because they are stuck in yesterday’s successes and failures. Others are paralyzed with trepidation of what tomorrow might bring. In the process, they live in between a past that should be forgotten, and a future that may as well not come. The tragedy of all this is that they end up missing out on life.


To really live, we must discipline ourselves to maximize on the moment. Milk every moment in your life dry. When a day is gone, it never comes back. Yesterday will never achieve anything for you. But today, this moment, could change the rest of your life.


When you live life in the now, all your energies and creative abilities are funneled into the now moment. The impact of this is that your life becomes so intense and rich that nothing and no one can stop you.


You become like a magnet; drawing your dreams and passions to yourself. As a result, you will exude an energy and enthusiasm so infectious that everyone will want to be around you once again. You will become simply unstoppable!!


5. Do what you love

Chances are that by now you have discovered what you want to do for the rest of your life. The emphasis here is on what you want and not what you need to do. Most of the time we are passionate about what we want to do and not necessarily what we need to do.


As you watch the waves lap on your bare feet, think long and hard about what you really want to accomplish in life. And don’t let the needs of your life corner you into reverting into old boring habits that you have left behind.


The reality of life is that those people who follow after their passion are the most content; and the best paid. In contrast, those that work because they have to always end up living very unfulfilling and unrewarding lives.


As hard as this may sound, if you are forty years old and still working for a living as opposed to living your passion; it’s time to quit what you are doing and starting working on your dream. I will let that sink.


I understand that this may require you to make very tough decisions. You may have to leave the current comforts of an assured pay-slip. But, like that young lady in the song, When I am Gone, you must be prepared to forsake the drab routine and boldly open the door of your destiny.


The moment you step into your destiny, passion will cling on you once again; and the dark night will suddenly burst into the brightness of a billion exploding stars.

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