5 Reasons Why You Need To Know Your Life Purpose

Do you know your life purpose; or your life path as some would call it?


Although I don’t know the percentage of people in the world who know their life’s purpose – why they are on planet earth – the consensus is that few people know their life’s purpose.


To live and not live your purpose is to never have lived. We were created to accomplish a certain mission.


The measure of success, when all is said and done, is not in the stuff we accumulate, or the accolades we receive, but in whether we have lived our purpose.


But you cannot live your purpose if you don’t know it in the first place. And that is the tragedy that most people take to the grave – that they, came, lived, and died with their purpose.


Below are five reasons why you need to know your life purpose:


1. You will live a focused, directed life

Have you ever wandered into an unfamiliar neighborhood after losing your directions? The feeling of sheer helplessness grips you as you desperately pin your hopes on strangers to guide you.


Some people, mostly men, don’t even admit that they are lost; and consider asking for directions as an admission of their ineptitude. They instead keep driving around pretending they know where they are and where they are going while in reality they have no idea where they are.


Living a life without a purpose is like getting lost in an unfamiliar territory and you don’t even know you are lost.

When you know your purpose, you will live a focused and guided life. You will seek and attract purpose enablers that will act as signals that you are on course.


Getting lost is not the issue here. Most people lose direction at various intervals in their lives. There is however a difference between those who get lost on the journey of life and not even know it; and those who admit they are lost and seek help to get back on track.


2. You will leverage your time on purpose related tasks

When your purpose is crystal clear, you will only have time for activities that feed your purpose. The beauty of knowing and living your purpose is that time becomes a precious commodity; to be used only on your life purpose.


Spend time with people who are likely to help you accomplish your purpose. Read books written on topics that shed more light on your purpose. Seek mentorship from people who are more or less on the same trajectory of life as yourself.


When it comes to time, all of us have been dealt a certain measure. How we use it will determine whether or not we succeed in life. Any other application of time except on your purpose is a waste of time.


3. You will leverage your resources

Besides time, which is the most precious resource we have, we need to spend our other resources on fulfilling our life mission; our purpose.


If you don’t know your purpose, you will end up expending your time and limited resources on non-core activities – those tasks that don’t add value to your purpose.


Since you don’t have inexhaustible resources, you cannot to afford to spend them on activities that don’t feed into your purpose.

Resources can be in the form of money, people, relationships, places, materials, etc. Leverage all your resources towards your purpose.


Focusing on too many things at the same time leads to paralysis and inaction. But focusing only on your purpose means that you will use every resource at your disposal towards your greatest goal – your life path.


4. You will avoid overwhelm and stress

A lot of people are living stressful lives because of living outside their purpose. These people can be found everywhere doing everything – trying one fad after the other; and never staying on one task long enough to establish whether it works or not.

As a result, these jacks of all trades but masters of none end up running out of steam; exhausted and overwhelmed.


I was once taken ill with mental fatigue after working in an unfulfilling job for years on end. When the doctor examined me and finally diagnosed me with mental fatigue, he asked me: “how is your job? Do you love it? Do you like your boss?” Of course I lied; that I loved my job.


Looking back, I now realize that although my job helped pay my bills and take my children to school, that’s about all it did. I spent twenty years working in a job that I was not passionate about. I did not hate the job, but I did not like it either – and yet it took more or less all of my time; which could have been spent productively following my purpose.


Today I know my purpose: to help others find theirs and live it. I do this through inspiration and motivational writing and speaking; life coaching and preaching as well.


5. You will be passionate

Most of the time your life purpose is embedded in your passion.


What drives you? What are you passionate about?


Whatever you are most passionate about is your purpose. Are you passionate about what you are doing right now? Do you wake up every morning with excitement? Or do you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed at the prospect of another day at the office; doing what you did yesterday, and many years before that?


When you know beyond any shadow of doubt that you are doing exactly what God created you for, you will be passionate at it. And when you are passionate about your life mission, you will be self-driven.


You can – and you will – experience success beyond your wildest dreams if only you find out what exactly your purpose is. And after you find your purpose, discipline yourself to diligently follow the path that will take you there. Avoid sideshows and sidetracks along the way – they will only derail you from reaching your full potential in life.


When you find your purpose, you find your destiny; because purpose is the vehicle that will take you there.

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