5 Life hacks: When Your Best is Not Good Enough

I know you try hard; really hard, to make headway in life.


I hear you.


Lately you’ve been pulling all the stops to make progress. You have even gone the extra mile to get an extra college qualification in the hope that this time you will get that elusive job you’ve been craving for.


Or perhaps you run a blog like this one (my hat off to you); and you have read all there is about driving traffic to your blog. You are fully optimized for search engines and social networks such as Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. In short, as much as prepping your website to receive traffic is concerned, you have done all you can.


And now you are waiting for a deluge of traffic. Well, don’t hold your breath. If you are getting 200 humans (not bots) to visit your website per day, you are doing well.


Or it may be a relationship you are in. You have bent over backyards to make it work. You have even bought her, or  him, expensive gifts that are starting to worry your relatives and friends. They think you’ve gone nuts. And yet despite all your efforts, that relationship is escalating from bad to worse.


And the funny thing is that others doing exactly the same things you are doing have succeeded immensely. And you are wondering what it is they are doing that you are not doing.


What do you do when, even after putting your best foot forward, your best simply does not yield the expected results?


What else can you do when you have done all that you can do; all there is to do?


The fact is all you can do is all you can do. You are actually doing nothing wrong.


There are things we can control; and others we can’t! That’s just life. Give yourself a break.


So, when you find yourself in that place where you’ve simply run out of ideas, the following should be of help:


1. Relax; it’s not such a big deal

I know what you are thinking: it’s a big deal to me. And I agree. But think about this real hard. What if whatever you are doing does not work? Does that bring down the entire universe on your head?


Most of the time we can live without even our greatest goal. Yes, it will feel wonderful should we achieve all our goals in life. In fact we should daily strive to reach for our greatest goals. But no goal is worthy of pushing us to the limits of poor health due to stress and fatigue. There must be a place where we draw the line between the importance of attaining our goals and living a happy healthy life.


2. Stop trying too hard

When however much you push nothing seems to be working, stop pushing. The more you persist, the more frustrated you feel. And the more frustrated you feel, the more you lose your edge.


There is something called the tipping point; the point at which things turn for the better. This point appear to have a mind of its own. It can’t be pushed. It can’t be manipulated. It happens when it happens.


The tipping point can be triggered by a single event or a single action. Sometimes it can just happen naturally, without even a push or a change in circumstances. For all you know, your next average effort could be the one to tip the balance and launch you into success territory.


So stop trying too hard. If you are convinced that all you are doing is all you can do, just keep doing your thing without undue pressure.


3. Wait!

When you have done all there is to do and there is nothing else to do, there is only one other thing you can do; wait!


I understand that waiting may be the most difficult thing you have ever done! I don’t like waiting as well. But the reality of life is that some things take time to unravel.


In the meantime, get creative and while the time away doing something else – such as writing about your experience. Remember that the journey is as crucial as the destination. Enjoy the ride!


4. Maybe it’s not your thing

This is going to hurt!


Have you ever considered that perhaps what you are doing is not your forte?


If you are not operating within your greatest strength; your greatest passion; your greatest gifting, perhaps you should consider throwing in the towel.


There is nothing as frustrating to your friends than to see you struggling to excel in something you are clearly not cut out for. For instance, if singing is not one of your gifts, please consign your singing career to the bathroom.


In the meantime do an honest review of yourself with a view to establishing whatever it is you could be great at – what your life purpose is.


5. Trust The Almighty

When all is said and done and you are sure you are pursuing your life purpose, trust that in due season God will bring it all to pass. You need to have confidence that the One who created the universe will come to your aid.


There are things within your control, and there are supernatural things that are beyond your control. As you pursue your purpose, learn to recognize the inevitability of this fact.


One of these days God will position you at the right place and at the right time; and with the right people. When this happens, your fortunes will tip towards success.


In the meantime, cut yourself some slack and stop stressing yourself over something you may no longer have control of. Just be content that you have done your best. Leave the rest to the Almighty God – the one who crafted the universe.

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