• What’s Your Most Compelling Storyline?

    the power of a compelling story

    Let me start by making my point: a good story well told can move the world.

    Lately, I have been wondering about the many stories I have come across on how some of the most profitable companies in the world began.

    Just think about it. Almost every successful company in the world has a compelling “how it all started” story.

    I am sure you have come across the story about Colonel Sanders and how he stepped back from the desperate intersection of writing a will and calling it quits, to starting Kentucky Fried Chicken with under $100.

    What about the Apple Inc. story about how Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak put together Apple’s first computer at Steve Job’s family home garage?

    Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, is also said to have founded the world’s largest online bookstore, Amazon, in his garage in 1994; and used an old door as his first business desk.

    Examples abound of today’s multi-billion dollar businesses that started out in humdrum places such as home garages. Hewlett Packard is one of these.

    Google, the largest search engine in the world was once a research project of two Stanford graduates who were only interested in graduating with honours. Today, the Google stock is valued at over $1,000 per share. (more…)

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